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Sliding Doors And Windows Services

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Sliding Door Repair

Our expert technicians are specially trained to handle everything related to sliding doors and their reluctance to function properly.


Replace Rollers

Sliding doors slide back and forth on tracks using a set of rollers. Over the years these rollers may become damaged, dirty or broken.


Broken Glass Replacement

We offer comprehensive window/door service from broken glass repair to replacement of glasses.


New Screen and Repairs

SFL Sliding Doors has the right solution to all screen repair situations. Please don’t tell us that you are toying with the idea of a quick self-repair, it is always better to leave it in expert hands.


Track Repair and Cleaning

If your sliding door track damaged or become clogged and blocked with dirt, call us today to get your track fixed or replaced.


Broken Hardware

We can replace the handles, locks, rollers, wheels, tracks, guides and bumpers of your doors and windows. Get in touch now!


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